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I was diagnosed with a full thickness tear of the rotator cuff.(2.5cmx3.5cm). I ruled out the surgical option due to the low probability of success at my age (62) as well as the prohibitive rehab and immobilization required post-op.

I researched alternative solutions and discovered the possibility of stem cell and PRP treatment. However, I was rejected outright and impersonally, by a prominent national group researching in the field for having too large a tear

I contacted Dr. Greenberg who expressed confidence that a tear the size of mine could be repaired by a one-time stem cell procedure followed by several PRP injections a month apart stem. He emailed back and forth with me on Labor Day weekend explaining the process. I was convinced and I am happy to report that 5 months after the stem cell procedure, my tear is now only 6″mm and I had my last PRP injection yesterday.

I am thrilled to be back playing tennis pain-free with a range of motion that I haven’t had in over a decade. (A far cry from waking up several times a night from shoulder pain)

Dr. Greenberg also observed that I was limping due to a “locked” painful left hip from all the years of tennis. He used PRP injections to ‘unlock” the hip and greatly improved my mobility on and off the tennis court.

I am thankful that I discovered Dr. Greenberg via the internet. Science and Medicine need bold innovators like him who face skepticism and help patients.

(It was worth the drives from Toronto to Philly)

If you are experiencing pain, stiffness, and/or discomfort, don’t ignore it. Greenberg Regenerative Medicine specializes in the natural, holistic treatment of musculoskeletal conditions and injuries. People of all ages, levels of physical activity, and pain levels are welcome in our clinic.

Dr. Greenberg and his experienced team are fully dedicated to finding the root cause of your pain. He doesn’t just look at the affected area but also examines the kinetic chain of movement in surrounding joints to evaluate and treat anything that could be contributing to the damage.

Our treatments are non-surgical, non-toxic, and opioid-free. Life without chronic pain is possible, and the answer isn’t surgery and/or painkillers. Don’t give up hope - your body has the power to heal itself.

Call Greenberg Regenerative Medicine today at (833) 295-8230 to book a consultation. Take the first step towards a pain-free life.

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