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Hi Dr. Greenberg – Would it surprise you if I told you that I think of you almost every day?  Every time that I can do an activity that I have not done in years, I think of you and the successful treatment you provided. I was able to do all our landscaping myself this year and even have a little garden.  Our outside area has not looked this good in years.  Although I’m not swimming laps, I am enjoying my water aerobics classes. I do stairs with ease and am contemplating a yoga class this fall.  I used to do yoga weekly, but between all my joint issues, I had to discontinue. Sometimes I might feel a little twinge in a knee or my shoulder and worry that the pain will return, but so far so good!  I avoid lifting anything heavy away from my body, which isn’t a good position for anyone especially someone in their 70’s! I hope that you and your family and your work is going well.  I have referred many people to you.  It is amazing to me that people determine their health care by what is covered by insurance.  What has more value than good health?
Thank you again for your good work.

If you are experiencing pain, stiffness, and/or discomfort, don’t ignore it. Greenberg Regenerative Medicine specializes in the natural, holistic treatment of musculoskeletal conditions and injuries. People of all ages, levels of physical activity, and pain levels are welcome in our clinic.

Dr. Greenberg and his experienced team are fully dedicated to finding the root cause of your pain. He doesn’t just look at the affected area but also examines the kinetic chain of movement in surrounding joints to evaluate and treat anything that could be contributing to the damage.

Our treatments are non-surgical, non-toxic, and opioid-free. Life without chronic pain is possible, and the answer isn’t surgery and/or painkillers. Don’t give up hope - your body has the power to heal itself.

Call Greenberg Regenerative Medicine today at (833) 295-8230 to book a consultation. Take the first step towards a pain-free life.

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