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For over 20 years, Scott Greenberg, MD has helped patients find relief through
integrative and regenerative medicine.

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About Scott Greenberg, MD

Scott Greenberg, MD specializes in holistic and comprehensive approaches to sports medicine, regenerative orthopedics, chronic pain, arthritis, and post-concussion syndrome. Using methods such as prolotherapy, PRP, and stem cell therapy, Dr. Greenberg ensures that every patient is treated properly so that they can get back to the daily activities they love. A world-renowned integrative and regenerative physician, Dr. Greenberg counts many Olympic athletes and professional sports stars among his patients. He performs approximately 4,000 procedures each year, and has treated many star/MVP athletes from teams such as the Philadelphia Flyers, Philadelphia Eagles, Philadelphia Phillies, Philadelphia 76ers, Baltimore Ravens, San Francisco 49ers, New England Patriots, Toronto Blue Jays, and Colorado Avalanche.
Dr. Scott Greenberg back pain relief specialist

Scott Greenberg, MD is a member of the following associations and a founding member of AASCP.

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The Greenberg Method

To learn more about the treatments performed by Greenberg Regenerative Medicine, click the links below.

Stem Cell Therapy

Stem Cell Therapy is a regenerative therapy which uses the body’s own mesenchymal stem cells and biological growth factors to heal and regenerate injured tissue such as ligaments, tendons, joints, and cartilage.


Prolotherapy is a non-surgical, opioid-free, natural treatment that signals your body to send healing components to injured joints where connective tissues such as cartilage, tendons and ligaments can be regenerated.

Platelet Rich Plasma

Platelet Rich Plasma uses your own blood to orchestrate the regeneration of a wide range of tissues including ligaments, cartilage, and tendons.

IV Therapy

IV therapy refers to the intravenous administration of nutraceuticals (vitamins, minerals, and biological compounds) to promote healing, support bodily functions, and promote longevity and wellness.


Acupuncture is the practice of using thin instruments to penetrate the skin, which are then stimulated through gentle movements of the practitioner’s hands or electrical means.

Osteopathic Manipulative Therapy

Osteopathic Manipulative Therapy (OMT) utilizes the body’s musculoskeletal system to diagnose, treat, and prevent injury.

Patient Testimonials

Greenberg Regenerative Medicine encourages you to read about the countless success stories our patient’s have reported over the years.
Dr. Greenberg is an exceptional physician. have spent many years going to the best hospitals (HSS, Columbia-Pres, NYU) EE in search of root cause to my physical ailments. Dr. Greenberg is 2 hrs away, yet I found the trip easy, because I knew, after my initial consultation that Dr. Greenberg is the most empathetic, concerning and knowledgeable physician l've encountered. He is truthful, transparent and has incredible bedside manners. After 3 treatments, my back is now in great condition and no more issues—allowing me to live life to the fullest extent!
Doug C
Before going to Dr. Greenberg, had debilitating headaches all the time and was taking two Naproxen a day and that did barely anything to help with the pain, have tried other doctor and chiropractors that could not figure out what was happening. After visiting Dr. Greenberg for the first time he assessed my issues and treated me with Platelet Rich Plasma and Prolotherapy along with stem cell treatments, and I immediately felt relief. Now, I am three weeks in and back at my full strength, and cannot thank Dr. Greenberg enough!
David B
My fiance' has spent the past few years going back and forth to diferent doctors who have been unable to help her. A family friend recommended Dr Greenberg and on the first visit he corrected her pelvic tilt and gave her more pain relief without drugs than years of pain killers have been able to do. She now has a diagnosis , a treatment plan, and has shown massive improvements. Dr Greenberg fixes the source of the problem and not just the symptoms of the problem. He has a unique ability to examine her and with pinpoint accuracy is able to find the spot that is causing her pain without her having to tell him , any other doctor has needed long explanations to find her problems and none of them have been able to improve them but Dr. Greenberg has. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Greenberg to anyone with chronic or sports related injuries and pain.
I spent a lot of money with a doctor who claimed to be "one of the best in the world" regarding Regenerative Medicine and I saw zero results. Zero. I literally told Dr. Greenberg multiple times that I think that he should be nominated for a Noble prize in Medicine. I was living in Colorado during my year of treatment with Dr. Greenberg, and I literally flew from Denver to Philadelphia, and then back to Denver, in 24 hours, once a month for a year, and it was more than worth all of that time, expense and inconvenience. For me, this was a matter of life and death, and I am truly grateful that I was given my life back by Dr. Greenberg. I will always consider Dr. Greenberg a life saver, as well as a true friend. Everyday, I pray for the safety and well-being of Dr. Greenberg and his family. Regenerative Medicine is a natural form of healing, and thus, it can take some time to completely work. It probably won't be an overnight kind of solution. Sometimes that happens but it is more of an exception than a norm, and it is important to understand that. In my case, it took about one year. Trust the process, and you can definitely trust Dr. Greenberg. Thank you again, Dr. Greenberg. I will truly never forget the way that you helped me.
William B.
Dr Greenberg is an exceptional doctor. He gave me back my mobility. I have been struggling with the ankle of my right foot for a couple of years and visited podiatrists and orthopedic doctors but none of them could fix the problem. I lost hope … but a friend of mine gave me Greenberg’s contact and my first visit was already enlightening. He looked at my body mechanics & not only my ankle where i had the pain. He has a unique way to examine and can find rootcauses and spots causing the pain by touching & doesn’t need much explanation from you… he feels it. He immediately noticed that my pelvic was out of balance combined with a tight IT band of left leg. That was the root cause of the issues in my ankle of right foot. That was a big aha for me. This diagnosis gave me hope …after 4-5 months of PRP injections I felt already significant improvement and could do longer walks, bike etc. Now, 1 year later I am basically pain free and have regained strength and full mobility. In addition, his staff is fantastic and there is a good atmosphere. They are very professional, empathetic and always supportive. I am forever grateful and would recommend Dr Greenberg to friends and family and whoever is in pain and doesn’t find resolution with traditional doctors.
Bart T.
I have been seeing Doctor Greenberg for several years. Dr. G's regenerative procedures have helped me deal with my chronic knee and back issues. These treatments have restored a quality of life that I thought would never be achieved again. Dr. G spends an amazing amount of time with you to understand exactly what is going on. I have never been to a doctor that has taken such an interest in my well being. Be aware you may have to wait as he treats all his patients with the same standard of care. If you have joint issues, this is the place to go, you may find you can avoid surgery. Also a great staff, they treat you well from start to finish.
John W.
The treatments I’ve had has been a noticeable improvement in a short period of time. Looking forward to continuing the improvements on my back, neck and legs. Also brain fog has diminished. The staff is very kind and accommodating. Dr Greenberg is very conscientious and always follows up to see how I’m doing. I feel this has helped me more than any other treatments I’ve tried. Such as cortisone shots, therapy, pain meds. Was considering a back ablation. Will be continuing with Dr Greenberg.
Barbara P.
Dr. Greenberg is one of the kindest and personable doctors I’ve ever met. His staff is wonderful and friendly, He has helped me through many injuries and I continues helping me swim with my masters team. Whether Prolotherapy or PRP he has the knowledge to find the areas of concern and get you back to your sport, out of pain and back to daily life. 5 Stars for Dr. Scott.
Ilene A.
We are beyond grateful for the level of care and compassion. Dr, Greenberg and his staff go out of their way to solve the medical challenge. Dr. Greenberg is proactive and thinks beyond traditional medical approaches to treat his patients for better quality of life.
Cindy B.
Dr. Greenberg and staff were incredible and helped me avoid surgery with PRP treatments on my torn ICL and ACL avoiding what was for sure a tough recovery from surgery. The full recovery was 60 days earlier than the orthopedic doctor said my full recovery would have been. I highly recommend the Regenerative Medicine team.
Matthew W.
Scott Greenberg's treatment for my five rotator cuff tears has been life-changing. After struggling for fourteen months with excruciating pain that limited my daily activities, I decided to try PRP followed by a stem cell procedure on October 31st. Prior to the treatment, I could barely lift more than 2 pounds with my right arm due to a constant burning sensation in my shoulder. This pain affected every aspect of my life, including sleep. Thanks to Scott's expertise, I am now pain-free and back at the gym, slowly resuming my normal routine. The improvement has been remarkable, and I cannot emphasize enough the relief I feel after the treatment. Scott's approach has truly made a significant difference in my quality of life. Forever grateful.
Stacy C.
I am an artist & I was suffering from osteoarthritis in my right hand which was preventing me from working. When Dr. Greenberg examined me he not only relieved the pain in my hand, he also diagnosed arthritis in my shoulder.After giving me PRP injections, my shoulder feels markedly better with a dramatic increase in my range of motion. He listens to your concerns, thoroughly examines you & then creates a treatment plan with your input. I highly recommend Dr. Scott Greenberg.
Mireille M.
If you had relentless pain that constantly interrupted your sleep, and if over a period of just a few months, you had lost your ability to walk and take stairs normally, wouldn’t you want to get relief? That was my condition prior to visiting Dr. Greenberg. Traditional medicine offered me painkillers to mask the problem, but they didn't fix anything and I did not want any risky spinal surgeries either. My own cousin has had six spinal surgeries, three cervical and three lumbar, so I emailed him and asked him about them. He told me he was not doing any better, in fact, it kept getting worse, and he couldn't walk without a cane. Given my condition prior to going to Dr. Greenberg, and seeing these less-than-optimal standard medical options, the program of Stem Cell/PRP/Prolotherapy was definitely medically necessary. Stem cell therapy is an integral part of the program that Dr. Greenberg used to restore my ability to walk normally and without pain. Permanently regaining the full use of my legs and living without pain, all without experiencing any negative side effects that may have occurred with surgery is my justification for this series of treatments.
Karen K.
In 2021, I was in intense pain and stiffness throughout my legs, lower back, and feet. I couldn't walk as much as I used to and wasn't able to run without incredible pain. I went to the chiropractor and often had massages but they would only provide temporary relief. In 2022, I decided to go to Dr. Greenberg and after the first treatment, I finally felt some relief and it got better and better with every treatment. In fact, in May, I was able to walk 3 to 4 miles on a frequent basis again! One day while walking, I got caught in a sudden downpour and, without thinking, I RAN for nearby cover! I was thrilled to be able to do so smoothly and without pain!
Karen K.
With hesitation or reservation, my experience with Dr. Greenberg has been exceptional. He is without a doubt one of the most brilliant and skilled physicians I know. He was able to diagnose and treat my spinal and neuromuscular injuries successfully. Dr. Greenberg gave me hope (and healed my pain) where there was otherwise no option but surgery. I have and will continue to recommend Dr. Greenberg to my friends, family and anyone who suffers from chronic pain. In addition, his staff is delightful and accommodating!
Theresa C.
Dr. Greenberg is exceptional. He spent 30 minutes listening to me explain my pain issues and thoughtfully examines my body unlike other doctors. He was methodical and explained why things were occurring and treated me. Dr. Greenberg treated me over the course of 3 visits. He is empathetic, caring and so down to earth. A gem of a person and a doctor that truly knows holistic medicine!
Doug S.
Dr. Greenberg has literally been my savior. I had years of terrible low/SIJ pain after an injury. I tried every treatment under the sun, but nothing worked, until I found Dr. Greenberg. He actually took to the time to evaluate my body as a whole, my movements, my history, and my story, whereas other doctors just fixated on imagery. After about 2-3 treatments with Dr. Greenberg, I had restored hope that I was going to get better. I'm now virtually pain free in my lower back. He saved me.
I've been under Dr. Greenberg's care for 5 months now. When I started with him, my major complaint was a hip that would go out often and bad low back pain. I was experiencing shooting sciatic pain and spent a lot of time in bed. Now in June 2020, my hip is completely pain free. The PRP and prolotherapy have literally changed my life. I'm able to take daily walks and feel the best I have in a long, long time. Dr. Greenberg has helped me so much, he has earned my trust and appreciation!
Such nice staff and the treatment has been so helpful, I highly recommend! Scott is great and very knowledgeable about what he does!
I have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and wanted to give a long, honest breakdown of my experience with Dr. Greenberg. Dr. Greenberg has incredible bedside manner and an almost savant level understanding of the human body. That being said, I have EDS for about a decade and when I came to see Dr. Greenberg, I had one labral tear surgery in my hip and the other had recently torn. I had found that, due to my condition, I was not a candidate for surgery again, so my pain doctor suggested regenerative medicine as a last ditch effort. I had seen Dr. Greenberg's practice come up looking for someone familiar with EDS. We saw him and he sold us the dream, I was envisioning what my new life would look (going back to work full time, exercising, traveling--all of the things that I've missed doing) and for the first few months it was working. I started with a full stem surgery (~$20k) followed by PRPs (~$4,500) every 3 weeks following and we initially thought it would take about 6 months. I had started around May-June and initially was feeling great! I had even traveled to Maine by myself and was doing a lot of walking with much less pain and injury. However in September, after attending my best friend's wedding and trying to do some easy hiking in Colorado, I subluxated my hip badly and it threw everything out of whack. Up until the following March, I continued to try despite not really seeing improvement. I have a high pain threshold--tattoos and piercings are not painful at all but his procedure were arguably the most painful thing I've done awake and mostly around my pelvis. The routine would usually go something like 1) I drive from Baltimore to Philly, get a PRP and come home 2) I'm in bed, barely able to walk for a few days-a week 3) I gradually start moving and things come out of place again. Rinse and repeat. Once the new year came around, he actually suggested doing another year of these, which put me over the edge. Another thing that is important for EDS folk to know is that he did not want any other procedures going on. I still got TPIs, but nerve blockers, chiro, certain medications I used frequently, I was unable to use. So by the time I got to March, I was a mess. It took me 4 months to fix all of the problems. Probably could've bought a Maserati but I'm genuinely glad I tried, despite how expensive and consuming it was. I couldn't travel or see friends. He did offer to do them for free once I decided I couldn't take it anymore. I would've continued if I had seen improvement. I have seen people with EDS these treatments have worked for, but I would really consider all of the options, especially if money is tight, moving forward. Kind of wish I had that money to put down on a house. I'll probably have to wait a few years now because I used my savings for this.
No words can describe my gratitude for Dr Scott. I was close to giving up. I tried everything for my back pain for 5-6 years. The PRP and Stem Cell treatments are working and I am finally getting some relief.
On December 16th I was injured at work resulting in two herniated disks. After a frustrating month to figure out what to do I could tell than many of the doctors attitude was surgery. One of the disks was herniated 1.3 cm. The general attitude was “let’s try PT” but their facial expressions and body language all said “this isn’t going to work.” I listened and reached out to Dr. Greenberg and his staff. The day I walked into the office he sat me down along with my girlfriend and explained what he would do and what effect it would have. At the end he simply said “what do you think?” When I replied “I’m interested” he then carried out my first set of injections that very day. After several treatments I feel fantastic. I went from not being able to stand for more than 10 seconds, back to running 6 miles and doing a full workout. I cannot express the extent to which I am grateful. Go see this man. Go hear what he has to say. Thank you again to your staff and you Dr. Greenberg!
I had been in a traumatic near-fatal car crash in 2009, rendering me out of my very active mom-of-3 lifestyle, & ER nurse income for 7 yrs. After 18 unsuccessful procedures on my back, most with anesthesia, along with insufferable pain to my neck, shoulders, back and hips, I searched and researched doctors & treatments, desperate for ANYTHING that might help me. I was giving up on life, due to the unforgiving pain. By God's grace, I found Dr. G. I know I was the 'train wreck' of the office for many years. His experience & expertise with PRP has given me quality to my life again, along with the ability to work part time. Even last year, my physician evaluating my back xrays said to me, "I can't believe you can even walk!". I am forever grateful for the decreased pain & increased strength & mobility. I'm even starting to exercise & gently do weights again. Thank you for your knowledge, passion & compassion, Dr. G.! As physicians go, and I should well know after 37 years in the profession, you're a diamond in the rough! Keep blessing others with your gift of healing 🙂 I'm also grateful to the super-staff for their kindness, grabbing me a heating pad or a drink to comfort me. Janine, Nurse Sharon, Tina, Dr. Sadek and Mare(who saw me through my worst years!), I can't thank you all enough for your dedication and big hearts <3
Karen S
I was 18 years old with 7 herniated discs, a pinched nerve and no way out. Dr. Greenberg saved my life while inspiring me. I have been able to workout daily again. He’s an amazing doctor and person. He’s the best of the best.
I received Prolotherapy Treatment by Dr Greenberg. I suffered from cervical instability. I received 3 treatment sessions in 90 days. I followed up with a digital motion x-ray to monitor the progress. I am happy to say there was no instability found after the Prolotherapy injections.
I began seeing Dr Greenberg at the end of august with mri diagnosed supraspinatus and infraspinatus tears in my left shoulder after a straight armed fall. There was also moderate osteoarthritis from 77 years of sports. I had previously had right shoulder rotator cuff surgery with good results. The year long rehab was painful. I did not want that for my left shoulder. Dr Greenberg and I connected immediately. He stated treatment would take many months. I have had 5 PRP injections in my shoulder and knee, and one stem cell injection. My results are wonderful. I have regained the ability to play 18 holes of golf without pain. I thought that was impossible. It has achieved my goal. He is low key, honest, consistently encouraging, and skilled. I would definitely do this again. His staff is warm and down to earth. Hooray for regenerative medicine.
Dr. Greenberg is fantastic, and makes sure I feel comfortable at the most uncomfortable time of my life. My healing journey has been long and now that I'm under Dr. Greenberg's care I know that I'm the best hands possible. He is gentle, kind, and a master at his craft.
Dr greenburg was great process. Was a little scary but girls. Were great and what I thought would be painful was not so bad on November 5 2020 was paralysed. In construction. Accident. I am walking. And 70 percent recovered. Walking. Slow jog. And. Went asking on baby hill thank you. Dr greenburg and team goal. Is 100 percent we will get there. Explore regenerative medicine. You want be disappointed
I have been searching for a answer to my torn labrum for over a decade and I am so relieved that I finally found Dr. Greenberg. I have gone through rehab three different times in the past with not great results. After the PRP and stem cell my shoulder feels great. I am a 41 year old dad with two young boys will continue to be very active and I didn’t want my shoulder to hold me back. I have full confidence moving forward and my only regret is that I didn’t find Dr. Greenberg sooner. His staff is amazing and entire process was done with ease. I have already referred numerous friends to his practice who have similar issues with other joints. I highly recommend Dr. Greenberg and will continue to refer friends and family to him in the future.
Dr. Greenberg is incredibly patient and knowledgeable. He answered all of our questions and sat quietly while I cried. All of the staff have been wonderful - also patient and answering all of our questions. We’re a lesbian couple, so treating us like human beings is important to us. We’ve refused to go back to doctors in the past because of how we were treated. Not here. We feel completely comfortable. Definitely LGBTQ friendly. Just with a little bit of manipulation, I already have more mobility in my frozen shoulder. I’m hopeful that the injections will help even more. I have EDS (Ehlers Danlos), so there’s lots to fix. I’m impressed that he didn’t push stem cell off the bat. He said I'm borderline, but he’s starting with the more affordable procedures first. I was worried and, honestly, I was kind of testing him to see if he’d suggest the most expensive treatment first. He passed my test 😊
After trying every possible treatment and being told I needed surgery on my back, I went to Dr. Greenberg for prp, prolotherapy, and a stem cell transplant. Finally my back is beginning to heal and I am in much less pain. The best part is that I will not have arthritis and need multiple other back surgeries later in life as I would have if I would have gotten surgery. I definitely recommend Greenberg Regenerative Medicine. The treatments target the root cause of the problem and deliver lasting results (not just pain relief). Just with a little bit of manipulation, I already have more mobility in my frozen shoulder. I’m hopeful that the injections will help even more. I have EDS (Ehlers Danlos), so there’s lots to fix. After trying every possible treatment and being told I needed surgery on my back, I went to Dr. Greenberg for prp, prolotherapy, and a stem cell transplant. Finally my back is beginning to heal and I am in much less pain. The best part is that I will not have arthritis and need multiple other back surgeries later in life as I would have if I would have gotten surgery. I definitely recommend Greenberg Regenerative Medicine. The treatments target the root cause of the problem and deliver lasting results (not just pain relief).
The staff is knowledgeable and friendly. Dr. Greenberg is amazing. I have been going for L5 nerve root damage and his treatments have really improved my quality of life & my healing has been outstanding.
This is not my first time seeing Dr. Scott Greenberg I’ve had multiple injuries over the last 15 or 20 years this doctor is the one that I trust the most. Besides being his patient some of his patients also include members of the Philadelphia Flyers he has helped multiple sporting superstars. He has even been to China helping top dignitaries with their injuries. The office is a relaxed atmosphere. The office is extremely clean. My current injury is a Piriformis injury. I will have to take it easy for a couple of weeks and then I can get back to being me (A klutzy athlete) if you are not sure whether Dr. Scott can help you just call them up his entire staff is extremely knowledgeable….
I went to Dr. Greenberg for PRP Therapy, when he was in N.J. Amazing! My multiple- fractured spine healed wonderfully! It feels so much stronger than before. Thanks Dr. Greenberg! I never got to say goodbye!
Dr. Greenberg has helped my entire family with various injuries and issues over the years. After a tear in my knee, I was certain I was going to have to get surgery however, after several sessions of the PRP therapy and prolotherapy and I was able to run again with no issues! His staff is phenomenal, 10/10 would recommend to friends and family.
Dr. Greenberg does amazing work. I was limping on my left leg 7 years ago and had difficulty walking. He treated that knee and its been fine since. I recently had right knee treated and looking forward to the results. Hes the real deal and stem cell and prp works great!
I had skepticism walking into Dr. Greenberg's office, but he had helped three people I knew personally, and I was in tremendous pain due to a shoulder tear (& suffering with joint pains due to hEDS) that I figured I had nothing to lose but my money. I'm several months into my therapy and I can confidently say I no longer need shoulder surgery! He's giving me my life back and I'm eternally grateful. He uncovered other joint issues that were ticking time bombs in my body, and I'm currently being treated for those as well. I don't know how he does it, but with his hands-on exam of my joints he's pointed out issues I haven't yet told him about. It defies logic and each time it's happened I've been in awe. His skill, talent and compassion make him a world-class doctor. His staff are all caring and helpful. When I'm there I know I'm in good hands with a team of professionals eager to help me regain my mobility. The first day I met Dr. Greenberg I was in constant pain that was so terrible I couldn't sleep without waking up several times a night, lift my toddler, or even walk more than 20 mins. at a time. He's truly given me a better quality of life. I appreciated that he was upfront and made no promises about my outcome at our first meeting. I understood that it was up to my body with how well it would respond to the treatment. He told me with my case it would likely take a few months to see any improvement and to stick with it over many months due to the severity of my tears. I am thrilled to share that I started to see progress the first month and it's been steady progress since then. I travel from Massachusetts to Pennsylvania for these treatments because there is nobody in my area that comes close to the skill and results of Dr. Greenberg.
The entire team at Greenberg Regenerative Medicine is absolutely outstanding! From my first consultation I felt completely comfortable and confident with the plan of care developed by Dr Greenberg to treat tendon/ligament damage in both legs caused by an adverse effect of antibiotics. Through a combination of PRP, Stem Cell, and IV therapy, healing is well underway and I feel I’m making great progress.
When I began getting treatment from Scott over three years ago, I couldn’t stand up in the middle of the night without being doubled over in pain. Scott didn’t write me a prescription for pain medication and sleeping aids like other Doctors did in the past, but really got to the root of the problems. Through diet changes and PRP treatments, I noticed significant changes in my overall health. After only a few months, I was able to workout everyday and quickly built back up to running seven miles a day. I watched my pain subside and my strength increase. The regenerative treatments were life changing and enabled me to live without chronic pain and inflammation. I was treated through healing instead of putting a bandaid on the problems. I am so grateful to Scott for his care and attention. Today I only see him once a year now for maintenance and otherwise have retuned to my very active lifestyle. I couldn’t recommend Dr Greenberg more to anyone that lives in chronic pain.
Dr. Greenberg is a needle in a haystack - it is hard to find such a caring, communicable Health Professional nowadays. He doesn't just give you your treatment and send you off until the next appointment; he follows up, is there when questions need answering, and addresses all underlying issues that impede healing. Dr. Greenberg is a magnificent doctor.
I have had great experience with Dr. Greenberg's practice. Dr. Greenberg truly believes and practices a holistic approach to medicine and an integrated solution to your problems. He understands your lifestyle, your past, your goals, etc. and then comes up with a detailed plan to tackle any issues/concerns and I value and trust his advice 100%. The entire staff operates like a family and are always cheerful and very helpful for any dealings. They are proactive in follow-ups and always looking to go above and beyond for their customers. Dr. Greenberg's practice is a role model on how health medicine should operate, I cannot recommend them enough.
Wanting to avoid surgery for neck and hip issues, I was referred to Dr Greenberg by a friend who was successfully treated by Dr Greenberg. Dr Greenberg takes the time to do a thorough physical exam and look at any appropriate imaging to determine the best course of treatment. I am extremely happy with my decision to become a patient of Greenberg Regenerative Medicine. .
If it wasn't for Scott and his method of treatment I would have faced surgery that most likely changed my life forever. Thank you for the treatments and help to regain my normal activities. If you want to truly heal and have your body work for you, Would recommend highly to visit Scott Greenberg and Greenberg Regenerative Medicine.
There is a reason he gets 5 stars from everyone , he is that good - he listens and then FIXES the issue , he doesn't just give a drug and send you away while charging the insurance - he finds the problem , tells you what will fix the problem , then starts a treatment course to fix the problem. you know , like a healer SHOULD do.
Dr. Greenberg has been incredibly helpful in diagnosing my medical issues in my shoulder. We have pursued PRP injections and I am seeing very positive results. His medical evaluation skills are remarkable as is his bedside manner. He cares deeply for his patients well-being. I could not think of a better physician to see for regenerative procedures like PRP and stem cell therapy. What convinced me to see him is his length of service in this speciality field. I'm very happy I have opted for a non-surgical approach!
Dr. Greenberg is fantastic! He spends a lot of time consulting with his patients to truly understand their unique needs. He genuinely cares and impliments his approach with a great bedside manner along with his superior knowledge. I really appreciate the fact that he and his staff follow up to make sure you're progressing.
Dr. Greenberg is outstanding in so many ways. His patient manner, his ability to listen to the patient, his thoroughness of his exams, his accessibility at off times all make him an amazing physician. I trust all of his opinions, and always know he looks after the best interests of all his patients. His office staff is fabulous, easy to communicate with, and just plain nice to work with.
All the hype is true! If you have chronic pain, Dr. Greenberg is your guy! I was thrown and landed on the top of my head while training Brazilian Jiujitsu and subsequently suffered relentless neck pain that radiated into my head giving me headaches and also shot down into my rhomboids and erectors. I used OTC medications, visited chiropractors, had massages, and had tens therapy with no or short lived relief for over a year. I visited Dr. Greenberg with optimism but also unsure since I had no relief in the past. But, after my first treatment my entire quality of life has increased dramatically. And now after two more rounds of treatments I haven't had pain since! PRP and Prolotherapy is like magic! The best part is once the procedure was over I walked out of his office and drove 2 hours home. I also didn't have to take any medication as a part of my treatment. I literally just had to let Dr. Greenberg inject my neck and back and my body did the healing on it's own. Regardless of where you are in the United States reading this I would strongly, strongly recommend seeing Dr. Greenberg for your pain relief. You deserve it.
I would like to thank Dr. Greenberg for his excellent care in helping me with chronic back pain after a total hip replacement. I endured many medical procedures including multiple injections and an Ablation all which failed. Dr Greenberg's performed stem cell and PRP also Prolotherapy and this was the only treatment that literally eliminated over 2 years of Sciatica and spasms in my low back. Its not only his excellence in the field of regenerative medicine he is so kind and compassionate. Thank you to Dr Greenberg and his wonderful staff I am so grateful .
Doctor GREENBERG restored my body to great functionality after a debilitating shoulder and sacroiliac joint injury. It truly is like a miracle, over the course of treatments the injuries disappear. On one occasion I could not walk because of back pain and after only one treatment I could walk unaided. Doctor GREENBERG is a terrific listener, always so very generous with his time and quite naturally guides you through the journey of recovery. I teach movements (I am a GYROTONIC master trainer) and his treatments allow me to maintain my flexibility, strength and ability to move like a teenager again. Dr Greenberg's performed stem cell and PRP also Prolotherapy and this was the only treatment that literally eliminated over 2 years of Sciatica and spasms in my low back. Its not only his excellence in the field of regenerative medicine he is so kind and compassionate. Thank you to Dr Greenberg and his wonderful staff I am so grateful .
Last year, my pelvis hurt so much, I could barely walk. Now, I go hiking in the mountains for hours. He is a magician, erasing pain from my aged, abused body (elbows, shoulders, hips, neck, back). He fixed my wife's shoulder, injured from a fall, when other MD's said surgery would likely not work. He is, very simply, as good as it gets. Dr Greenberg's performed stem cell and PRP also Prolotherapy and this was the only treatment that literally eliminated over 2 years of Sciatica and spasms in my low back. Its not only his excellence in the field of regenerative medicine he is so kind and compassionate. Thank you to Dr Greenberg and his wonderful staff I am so grateful .
Over 8 years ago at the age of 14, I suffered several concussions that led to chronic headaches, neck and upper back pain, fatigue, problems with concentration, and visual problems. I tried many different doctors and treatments over the years to try to help my condition, but none of them worked. By the end of my senior year in college, the pain and discomfort had gotten so bad that it was very difficult for me to get out of bed every morning. With nowhere else to turn, I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Greenberg. He did a thorough evaluation of my head, neck, and upper back, and said my symptoms stemmed from a soft tissue injury in my neck. He assured me that he could heal me and get me back to a normal, healthy life, so I began PRP treatment and stem cell therapy. Dr. Greenberg used very precise techniques and clearly had exceptional knowledge in this area. I started to see slow but steady progress; less severe headaches, less neck pain, more energy, a clearer mind and vision. Gradually, I was able to get my life back, now to the point where I am doing physical therapy for my upper back and neck, getting back into physical activity, starting a new job, and planning to go to med school. None of this would have been possible without Dr. Greenberg. He is a great, compassionate doctor who truly cares about improving his patients’ lives, and I cannot recommend him highly enough.
You diagnosed me with EDS, discovered a bunch of my food allergies, treated all of my joint issues with prolotherapy and I was the first person you did the PRP on in my knee. I was 19 and am about to turn 34. My knee has been great ever since. was able to graduate as a jazz dance major from the university of the arts in Philly. I just wanted to say you changed my life and helped me when no one else could. I’ve been recommending some people to come see you and give holistic medicine a chance because it’s the absolute best and definitely works. Thank you for everything you did for me. You gave me a quality of life I didn’t feel like I had growing up.
They are not only professional and welcoming, but above and beyond accommodating and caring. I had total trust in his ability to treat me when I tore my hamstring! Being in my 6th decade of life, racing my 9 yr old grandson wasn't wise and I thought walking would be impossible! After my first round of stem cell and PRP, I was walking 2 days later, unassisted! Dr.G is extremely knowledgeable, competent and compassionate and offers help and hope without drugs and surgery. You cannot go wrong!!
"Dr. Greenberg is just amazing, there is no other word to describe his knowledge of the musculoskeletal system. He knows where you are in pain by touch. I was treated for neck & shoulder pain, finger pain, foot pain, hip/groin pain, and wrist pain all on ONE visit. You cannot go anywhere and get that kind of treatment in one visit. I recommend him to anyone who has pain."
Dr.Greenberg and his amazing staff are so compassionate. The prolotherapy and stem cell procedures have been part of the miracles in curing me after my 14 broken bones sustained in an accident over the last year. God has truly blessed me with healing through these treatments and these people. I avoided painful surgery and my ribs have healed beautifully. Thank you and bless you.
Dr. Greenberg worked miracles. I can walk, ski, bike, etc. with no pain. He was worth every penny. I’d recommend him to everyone.
Dr Greenberg is an enthusiastic, knowledgeable pioneer in the field of regenerative medicine. He is a bright, caring, compassionate individual whose goal is to help each patient deal with orthopedic pain and ultimately their quality of life. He has been treating me for arthritis, stenosis and scoliosis. He also helped me overcome a strange intestinal virus. In addition I appreciate his commitment to natural and stem cell alternatives in dealing with my aging body.
I am so incredibly grateful for Dr. Greenberg and Dr. Sadek! I was plagued with horrible left hip pain and my back went out one day and I was unable to move. They are both brilliant! I went from being unable to walk on a Monday to walking and holding my kids on a Tuesday! I highly recommend Greenberg Regenerative Medicine for anyone who is struggling with pain or injury.
Most compassionate doctor and staff that I have ever encountered. And instead of surgery, I am healed with Dr. Greenberg's treatment.
I am a 73 year old patient who has been skiing for 28 years. I started to have issues with my knees and saw an orthopedic doctor who said "you don't have the knees of a 29 year old anymore". So I saw Dr. Greenberg who treated my knees with PRP. It was like a miracle and in 2 weeks I was skiing again like a 29 year old. Thanks to Dr. Greenberg I can ski again.
Dr. Greenberg and his amazing staff have saved me from spinal fusion surgery! I underwent PRP treatments and, while in his care, I went from Penn Neuro trying to schedule me a surgery to having a full recovery! His dedicated staff were always welcoming and kind and Dr Greenberg himself is a stellar Doctor and human. I can not recommend them enough. True life savers.
Dr. Greenberg gives hope to those that have almost given up. I have been able to live with EDS for the past several years because he has given me a new trajectory in my life. I can finally continue to live with my first loves...my husband, my kids, my job, and my passions in life. He has helped me get through the questions of what in life is really important throughout my living with chronic pain. I've thrived much more in my life these past years for many reasons, but I have to say that Dr. Greenberg has been paramount throughout my healing process to first of all healing physically but then what ripples over into emotionally and spiritually as well.
For someone who loves to be active it hasn’t been easy dealing with 2 knee injuries. Finding Dr. Greenberg has given me the path to healing my injuries and getting back on the court. He identified a neck/spine issue that creates havoc when I would try and be still and sit at a meal. I’ve avoided dinners and social settings for so long from the anxiety of feeling dizzy amongst so many other sensations when I would dine out. I’m speechless and emotional when I realize those symptoms are gone. He has changed my life.