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For over 20 years, Scott Greenberg, MD has helped patients find relief through
integrative and regenerative medicine.

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About Scott Greenberg, MD

Scott Greenberg, MD specializes in holistic and comprehensive approaches to sports medicine, regenerative orthopedics, chronic pain, arthritis, and post-concussion syndrome. Using methods such as prolotherapy, PRP, and stem cell therapy, Dr. Greenberg ensures that every patient is treated properly so that they can get back to the daily activities they love. A world-renowned integrative and regenerative physician, Dr. Greenberg counts many Olympic athletes and professional sports stars among his patients. He performs approximately 4,000 procedures each year, and has treated many star/MVP athletes from teams such as the Philadelphia Flyers, Philadelphia Eagles, Philadelphia Phillies, Philadelphia 76ers, Baltimore Ravens, San Francisco 49ers, New England Patriots, Toronto Blue Jays, and Colorado Avalanche.
Dr. Scott Greenberg back pain relief specialist

Scott Greenberg, MD is a member of the following associations and a founding member of AASCP.

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The Greenberg Method

To learn more about the treatments performed by Greenberg Regenerative Medicine, click the links below.

Stem Cell Therapy

Stem Cell Therapy is a regenerative therapy which uses the body’s own mesenchymal stem cells and biological growth factors to heal and regenerate injured tissue such as ligaments, tendons, joints, and cartilage.


Prolotherapy is a non-surgical, opioid-free, natural treatment that signals your body to send healing components to injured joints where connective tissues such as cartilage, tendons and ligaments can be regenerated.

Platelet Rich Plasma

Platelet Rich Plasma uses your own blood to orchestrate the regeneration of a wide range of tissues including ligaments, cartilage, and tendons.

IV Therapy

IV therapy refers to the intravenous administration of nutraceuticals (vitamins, minerals, and biological compounds) to promote healing, support bodily functions, and promote longevity and wellness.


Acupuncture is the practice of using thin instruments to penetrate the skin, which are then stimulated through gentle movements of the practitioner’s hands or electrical means.

Osteopathic Manipulative Therapy

Osteopathic Manipulative Therapy (OMT) utilizes the body’s musculoskeletal system to diagnose, treat, and prevent injury.

Patient Testimonials

Greenberg Regenerative Medicine encourages you to read about the countless success stories our patient’s have reported over the years.
If you had relentless pain that constantly interrupted your sleep, and if over a period of just a few months, you had lost your ability to walk and take stairs normally, wouldn’t you want to get relief? That was my condition prior to visiting Dr. Greenberg. Traditional medicine offered me painkillers to mask the problem, but they didn't fix anything and I did not want any risky spinal surgeries either. My own cousin has had six spinal surgeries, three cervical and three lumbar, so I emailed him and asked him about them. He told me he was not doing any better, in fact, it kept getting worse, and he couldn't walk without a cane. Given my condition prior to going to Dr. Greenberg, and seeing these less-than-optimal standard medical options, the program of Stem Cell/PRP/Prolotherapy was definitely medically necessary. Stem cell therapy is an integral part of the program that Dr. Greenberg used to restore my ability to walk normally and without pain. Permanently regaining the full use of my legs and living without pain, all without experiencing any negative side effects that may have occurred with surgery is my justification for this series of treatments.
Karen K.
In 2021, I was in intense pain and stiffness throughout my legs, lower back, and feet. I couldn't walk as much as I used to and wasn't able to run without incredible pain. I went to the chiropractor and often had massages but they would only provide temporary relief. In 2022, I decided to go to Dr. Greenberg and after the first treatment, I finally felt some relief and it got better and better with every treatment. In fact, in May, I was able to walk 3 to 4 miles on a frequent basis again! One day while walking, I got caught in a sudden downpour and, without thinking, I RAN for nearby cover! I was thrilled to be able to do so smoothly and without pain!
Karen K.
Before going to Dr. Greenberg, I had debilitating headaches all the time and was taking two Naproxen a day and that did barely anything to help with the pain. I have tried other doctors and chiropractors that could not figure out what was happening. After visiting Dr. Greenberg for the first time he assessed my issues and treated me with Platelet Rich Plasma and Prolotherapy along with stem cell treatments, and I immediately felt relief. Now, I am three weeks in and back at my full strength, and cannot thank Dr. Greenberg enough!
David B.
With hesitation or reservation, my experience with Dr. Greenberg has been exceptional. He is without a doubt one of the most brilliant and skilled physicians I know. He was able to diagnose and treat my spinal and neuromuscular injuries successfully. Dr. Greenberg gave me hope (and healed my pain) where there was otherwise no option but surgery. I have and will continue to recommend Dr. Greenberg to my friends, family and anyone who suffers from chronic pain. In addition, his staff is delightful and accommodating!
Theresa C.
My fiance' has spent the past few years going back and forth to different doctors who have been unable to help her. A family friend recommended Dr Greenberg and on the first visit he corrected her pelvic tilt and gave her more pain relief without drugs than years of pain killers have been able to do. She now has a diagnosis , a treatment plan , and has shown massive improvements. Dr Greenberg fixes the source of the problem and not just the symptoms of the problem. He has a unique ability to examine her and with pinpoint accuracy is able to find the spot that is causing her pain without her having to tell him , any other doctor has needed long explanations to find her problems and none of them have been able to improve them but Dr Greenberg has. I HIGHLY recommend Dr Greenberg to anyone with chronic or sports related injuries and pain.
Dr. Greenberg is an exceptional physician. I have spent many years going to the best hospitals (HSS, Columbia-Pres., NYU) in search of root cause to my physical ailments. Dr. Greenberg is 2 hrs away, yet I found the trip easy, because I knew, after my initial consultation that Dr. Greenberg is the most empathetic, concerning and knowledgeable physician I've encountered. He is truthful, transparent and has incredible bedside manners. After 3 treatments, my back is now in great condition and no more issues--allowing me to live life to the fullest extent!
Doug C.
Dr. Greenberg is exceptional. He spent 30 minutes listening to me explain my pain issues and thoughtfully examines my body unlike other doctors. He was methodical and explained why things were occurring and treated me. Dr. Greenberg treated me over the course of 3 visits. He is empathetic, caring and so down to earth. A gem of a person and a doctor that truly knows holistic medicine!
Doug S.
Dr. Greenberg has literally been my savior. I had years of terrible low/SIJ pain after an injury. I tried every treatment under the sun, but nothing worked, until I found Dr. Greenberg. He actually took to the time to evaluate my body as a whole, my movements, my history, and my story, whereas other doctors just fixated on imagery. After about 2-3 treatments with Dr. Greenberg, I had restored hope that I was going to get better. I'm now virtually pain free in my lower back. He saved me.
I've been under Dr. Greenberg's care for 5 months now. When I started with him, my major complaint was a hip that would go out often and bad low back pain. I was experiencing shooting sciatic pain and spent a lot of time in bed. Now in June 2020, my hip is completely pain free. The PRP and prolotherapy have literally changed my life. I'm able to take daily walks and feel the best I have in a long, long time. Dr. Greenberg has helped me so much, he has earned my trust and appreciation!