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The plantar fascia is the largest ligament in the body. It is attached to the heel bone and runs along the sole of the foot. Plantar Fasciitis is an injury that is prevalent among runners. The cause is almost always overuse, but can also be related to inferior running shoes. On track teams, plantar fasciitis can occur among hurdlers and jumpers. Older people can also suffer from the condition, especially if they are flat-footed. For this group, it is usually caused by arthritis or ankylosing spondylitis. Both diseases cause inflammation of the joints. Obesity can also cause plantar fasciitis due to the stress of the weight on the ligament.

  • Stabbing pain in the bottom of the foot
  • Intense pain in the heel
  • Pain begins with the first steps in the morning
The long term success of Dr. Greenberg’s patients is attributed to a specialized approach to the examination process. Deemed “The Greenberg Method,” this diagnostic approach not only looks into the area of damage and pain, but also evaluates the mechanics and structure of the bone and joints related to the area of the pain. For instance, Dr. Greenberg will not just look at the heel, but will evaluate where the fibers insert further up the foot and also look at the arch and other bones in the foot. In executing The Greenberg Method, Dr. Greenberg often discovers that conditions experienced in one area of the body are often rooted in a different area that hasn’t been treated before. While an isolated joint treatment ignores physiology and the evaluation of movement, The Greenberg Method’s full-body examination produces a comprehensive diagnosis and treatment plan. In return, the patient experiences a greater reduction in pain and improvement in function, which helps them get back on their feet to resume their daily routines, pain free.

Depending on the condition of your foot, ankle and knee, Dr. Greenberg may recommend The Greenberg Method. It is a dynamic approach that seeks to naturally reverse plantar fasciitis by using prolotherapy treatments to trigger healing processes in your heel, all along the plantar fascia ligament and in supporting areas in your foot. Prolotherapy is a low-risk, high-reward series of treatments that are steroid and opioid-free.

While treating your Plantar Fasciitis, the team may palpate your foot and uncover undiagnosed damage under your mid foot and arch which may also be causing you pain. We treat all of it. Our team treats you holistically, renews you physically and seeks to rekindle a feeling of wellness, so you become a healthier YOU with happy feet that don’t ache.

Dr. Greenberg may also suggest the injection of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and Stem Cells.

The Greenberg Method uses the body’s natural components to stabilize the knee and the surrounding area. The natural, non-opioid treatment will help regenerate the damaged soft tissue and strengthen bone structures in the foot. Dr. Greenberg will discuss the features of each treatment and explain the therapeutic option that is most appropriate for your case.

If you or a loved one is looking for a new strategy to treat chronic aches and pains, fill out the form on this page to schedule an appointment or call Dr. Greenberg’s office today at 833-440-4325.