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Debunking Myths About VSEL Stem Cells

VSEL stem cells, which stands for Very Small Embryonic-Like stem cells, have been a subject of research and debate within the scientific community. While there is ongoing research into their properties and potential applications, there are also myths and misconceptions surrounding them. Here are some common myths about VSEL stem cells:

MYTH # 1. They are Embryonic Stem Cells (ESCs) in disguise: One common myth is that VSEL stem cells are simply a type of embryonic stem cell. However, VSEL stem cells are distinct from embryonic stem cells. They are found in adult tissues and are believed to be remnants of embryonic cells that persist into adulthood, rather than being derived from embryos.

MYTH # 2.They can only be found in bone marrow: While VSEL stem cells were first identified in bone marrow, research has suggested that they may also exist in other tissues and organs throughout the body, including the umbilical cord blood, peripheral blood, and various adult tissues. This suggests a broader potential for their therapeutic use beyond bone marrow.

MYTH # 3.They have unlimited differentiation potential: While VSEL stem cells do have the potential to differentiate into various cell types, their differentiation capacity may be more limited compared to embryonic stem cells or induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs). Research is ongoing to understand the full extent of their differentiation potential.

MYTH # 4.They can be easily isolated and cultured: Isolating and culturing VSEL stem cells can be challenging due to their rarity and small size. This has posed technical hurdles for researchers but it has been found that using the SONG laser can both activate and retrieve high levels of VSELs.   

MYTH # 5. They serve as a universal remedy in the field of regenerative medicine: While VSEL stem cells hold promise for regenerative medicine, claiming them to be a universal treatment for all medical conditions is premature judgment. However, through Dr. Greenberg’s journey of caring for his diverse patient population, we’ve discovered something truly remarkable: the profound benefits of VSEL treatment extends far beyond what meets the eye. VSEL treatment is beneficial from neurological challenges to cardiac concerns, infectious battles to respiratory resilience, and even autoimmune complexities.

MYTH # 6.They are immune privileged: Some early studies suggested that VSEL stem cells might possess immune-privileged properties, meaning they could be transplanted across histocompatibility barriers without eliciting an immune response. However, further research is needed to confirm and understand the extent of any immune privilege they may have.

As research into VSEL stem cells continues, it’s important to critically evaluate claims and separate fact from fiction to further understand its therapeutic potential.

With VSEL treatments at the forefront of Dr. Greenberg’s practice, he seamlessly integrates such treatment into personalized care plans, ensuring optimal outcomes and transformative results. Reach out to us today for more details and to schedule your consultation with Dr. Greenberg.

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