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What Are the Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy?

stem cell therapy

When it comes to pain management, healing the body, and providing patients with a better quality of life, there are a number of different treatment options to decide between. As a proponent of regenerative medicine practices, Scott Greenberg MD advocates for the benefits of stem cell therapy for treating a myriad of conditions. From post-concussion syndrome to plantar fasciitis, continue reading to learn more about the benefits of stem cell therapy. 

What is Stem Cell Therapy?

In order to understand the benefits of stem cell therapy, patients should first understand exactly what stem cell therapy is. 

Stem cell therapy is a regenerative therapy which uses the body’s own mesenchymal stem cells and biological growth factors to heal and regenerate injured tissue such as ligaments, tendons, joints and cartilage. Theoretically, stem cells can regenerate every organ, muscle, vascular system, and nerve pathway in the body. With stem cell therapy, you are not just treating your symptoms, you are repairing yourself cell by cell using nature’s most outstanding biological miracle, the stem cell.

4 Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy 

1. Reduces pain and heals the body

Stem cell therapy works to provide patients with pain relief by repairing the damaged tissue where pain is being experienced. By taking stem cells from your body and redirecting them to where extra support is needed, the cells are working collectively together to repair the tissue, thus alleviating the unwanted pain.

2. No need for surgery, general anesthesia, or recovery post-procedure 

With surgery comes a number of risks, complications, and circumstances that can unfortunately go wrong. With stem cell therapy treatments, the minimally invasive and non-surgical procedure takes place right in Dr. Greenberg’s office without anesthesia, the risk of nerve damage, or postoperative recovery time needed! This means afterwards you can be on your way without having to deal with the headache that goes along with planning for surgery and the downtime typically required after. 

3. Little to no risk of rejection

Due to the fact the stem cells are extracted directly from your own body and placed back in, the body has an extremely small chance of rejection. Using your body to naturally heal itself has especially been seen as effective for treating arthritis throughout the body. 

4. Increases range of motion and functionality

As mentioned, stem cell treatments allow for speedy recovery and little to no downtime. The treatment itself increases the damaged body part’s functionality, joint function, muscle, and the overall body as the Greenberg Method not only looks into the area of damage and pain, but also evaluates the mechanics and structure of the bone and joints related to the area of the pain for optimal body function.

Scott Greenberg MD and Stem Cell Therapy

Administering hundreds of stem cell therapy treatments annually for the past 20 years, Scott Greenberg MD has seen the treatment’s success firsthand for conditions head to toe in patients both young and old. He was a member of the first team to publish a case study to repair a meniscus tear using autologous stem cell therapy in 2018 and continues to be a leader in developing new stem cell-based therapies in the medical field. He serves as the chair of the Institutional Review Board of the American Association of Stem Cell Physicians in addition to being a founding board member, as well as a member of many other organizations and medical affiliations you can learn about here.

Interested in stem cell therapy as a treatment option? Schedule a consultation with Scott Greenberg MD today and begin your recovery journey tomorrow.

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