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Scott Greenberg, MD and The Marcus Institute of Integrative Health at Jefferson Health

Scott Greenberg, MD & Marcus Institute of Integrative Health

In September Scott Greenberg, MD had the opportunity to present to the doctors and fellows at The Marcus Institute of Integrative Health at Jefferson Health located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Dr. Greenberg is especially passionate in sharing his techniques, research, and experience with other medical professionals in the field and is an advocate for continuous learning when it comes to regenerative medicine.  

Regenerative Medicine: Treating Chronic Pain & Orthopedic Conditions

Dr. Greenberg’s presentation titled, “Regenerative Medicine: Treating Chronic Pain & Orthopedic Conditions’ was hosted on Zoom on September 13th. The lecture began with an overview of his experience, both personally and professionally when it comes to regenerative medicine, and then dove into the different regenerative treatment options he uses for his patients at his practice; Stem Cell Therapy, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), and Prolotherapy

From the history of the therapies to his own personal research and findings, the hour-long presentation gave attendees an opportunity to learn more about how these pain relief options have affected real patients and should be considered over traditional surgical procedures in many cases. 

In addition, he discussed the unique diagnosis and treatment he developed known as the Greenberg Method, an innovative non-surgical solution for back pain, arthritis, concussions, and rotator cuff tears. The Greenberg Method not only looks into the area of damage and pain, but also evaluates the mechanics and structure of the bone and joints related to the area of the pain. While an isolated joint treatment ignores physiology and the evaluation of movement, The Greenberg Method’s full-body examination produces a comprehensive diagnosis and treatment plan. In return, the patient experiences a greater reduction in pain and improvement in function, which helps them get back on their feet to resume their daily routines, pain free.

Scott Greenberg MD hopes that his methodology, work, and research will benefit not only the patients receiving treatments, but other professionals in the medical field to continue to solve chronic pain conditions millions suffer with everyday. 

Interested in learning about what regenerative medicine can do for you and your quality of life? Schedule a consultation with Dr. Greenberg today and begin your recovery journey tomorrow.

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