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How Do TRF and SPM Supplements Support Regenerative Treatments?

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Regenerative Medicine and Supplement Support 

Regenerative medicine is an ever-emerging field of medical science, focused on using stem cells and biological growth factors to heal and regenerate injured tissue such as ligaments, tendons, joints, and cartilage. This can be done through the use of stem cell injections, platelet-rich plasma (PRP), prolotherapy, and more.

While regenerative medicine is able to show great promise in helping to treat many different diseases and conditions, sometimes these treatments are recommended to be supported by specific supplements. This is where TRF and SPM supplement support come into play.

What are TRF and SPM?

Tissue Regenerative Factor (TRF) is a bone-derived supplement consisting of protein and collagen that is designed to provide nutritional support for healthy bones and joint function. Specialized Pro-Resolving Mediator (SPM) is a fish oil-derived supplement intended to support and resolve your body’s immune response. To put it simply, SPM helps to prevent excessive inflammation and remove damaged cells and tissue from the body, while TRF promotes and helps expedite the regeneration of new healthy tissue. 

How Does TRF Work?

A protein-dense supplement, such as (TRF), can give your body the support it needs to promote optimal healing while receiving regenerative treatments. This powerful supplement has been shown to help with bone and tissue rebuilding, making it the perfect complement to the treatments and therapies provided at Greenberg Regenerative Medicine. 

The purpose of combining this supplement with treatment is to optimize the immune system as much as possible during the tissue-rebuilding process. Dr.Greenberg typically recommends his patients take TRF supplements 1-2 times per day while receiving treatment as he says this will enhance and “promote the regenerative effect of healing.” The goal of this combination is to maximize benefit and speed up the tissue-healing process. 

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What is the Difference Between Supplements and Medication?

Supplements work with the body, basically augmenting the body’s natural effects, while medications work to alter the body’s biological and chemical mechanisms. Using supplements to aid in the healing process is meant to be a long term action. Medications such as aspirin, for example, are taken for more of an instantaneous effect (i.e. relieving a headache). 

Supplement Regimens and Specialized Pro-Resolving Mediators (SPMs)

TRF supplements are often paired with other recommended supplements as a form of regimen. SPM is always paired with TRF under Dr. Greenberg’s recommendations. The complementary supplement, as mentioned earlier, is derived from fish oil and helps to reduce inflammation in the body. These two supplements go hand in hand because one, TRF, promotes the healing and regenerative process of tissue-building, while the other, SPM, aids in the removal of debris and damaged tissues to make way for the new. “It’s a piece of the puzzle,” says Dr. Greenberg. “Everything is a little bit unique in regards to why we use something and what we’re using it for.” When patients use TRF and SPM supplements as a regimen while receiving their treatments, patients will receive the optimum benefits within the shortest period of time.

If you are interested in receiving regenerative treatments and supplement support for conditions such as arthritis, cervicocranial syndrome, pelvic tilt, and more, call the GRM office today about whether this approach might be right for you. With the right combination of regenerative therapies and supplement support, you can achieve optimal health and healing for many years to come.

Looking to treat your chronic pain safely while improving the quality of your life? Schedule a consultation with Greenberg Regenerative Medicine’s team to determine a plan that is best suited for your needs.

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